Book One in The Smallest Crack Series

1933 Berlin, Germany

The son of a rebbe, Eli Kaetzel, and his beautiful but timid wife, Rebecca, find themselves in danger as Hitler rises to power. Eli knows that their only chance for survival may lie in the hands of Gretchen, a spirited Aryan girl. However, the forbidden and dangerous friendship between Eli and Gretchen has been a secret until now. Because, for Eli, if it is discovered that he has been keeping company with a woman other than his wife it will bring shame to him and his family. For Gretchen her friendship with a Jew is forbidden by law and could cost her, her life.

Book Four in The Smallest Crack Series

“Give me your children” Chaim Mordechaj Rumkowski. September 1942 The Lodz Ghetto

When Hitler’s Third Reich reined with an iron fist, the head Judenrat of the Lodz ghetto decides he must comply with the Nazis. He agrees to send ten thousand Jewish children off on a transport to face death.

In order to save her two young children a mother must take the ultimate risk. The night before the children are to be rounded up and sent to their deaths, she helps her nine-year-old son and her five-year-old daughter escape into war torn Europe. However, she cannot go with them. She cannot fit through the barbed wire, and so the children must go alone.

Follow Sarah and Solomon as they navigate their way through a world filled with hatred, and treachery. However, even in the darkest hour there is always a flicker of light. And these two young innocent souls will be aided by people whose lights will always shine in our memories.


Book Two in The Smallest Crack Series

Nazi Germany.
Gretchen Schmidt has a secret life. She is in love with a married Jewish man. She is hiding him while his wife is posing as an Aryan woman.
Her best friend Hilde, who unbeknownst to Gretchen is a sociopath, is working as a guard at Ravensbruck concentration camp.
If Hilde discovers Gretchen’s secret will their friendship be strong enough to keep Gretchen safe? Or will Hilde fall under the spell of the Nazi’s and turn her in her best friend to the Gestapo?
The Darkest Canyon is terrifying ride along the edge of a canyon in the dark of night.

Roberta Kagan​​

Book Three in The Smallest Crack Series

Benjamin Rabinowitz’s life is shattered as he watches his wife, Lila, and his son, Moishe, leave to escape the Lodz ghetto. He is conflicted because he knows this is their best chance of survival, but he asks himself, will he ever see them again?

Ilsa Guhr has a troubled childhood, but as she comes of age, she learns that her beauty and sexuality give her the power to get what she wants. But she craves an even greater power. As the Nazis take control of Germany, she sees an opportunity to gain everything she’s ever desired.

Fate will weave a web that will bring these two unlikely people into each other’s lives.