A novella that was included in an award-winning anthology.

Bubbe’s nightingale is the story of Shanna, a young Jewish woman who has recently opened a business. Her husband is not pleased, because they had promised each other that they would have children. Now Shanna claims she doesn’t have time for babies, and they are constantly arguing.   Shanna is confused. She loves her husband, but she also loves the independence of having something of her own. She doesn’t know what to do. In fact, she is considering divorce when the phone rings. It is her mother with bad news. Her Bubbe is dying. She must go to Florida to say goodbye.  Shanna has always adored her grandmother, and she knows she will miss her miss her dearly.  So, she catches the next flight to Florida.  Shanna believes that she is on her way to say goodbye to a woman who everyone says is senile.  But what she doesn’t know is the answer to the problems that she is facing with her husband, lie in the story that her grandmother is about to share with her. The story of an old woman who was once young and beautiful, who loved with all her heart and fought with all her courage. Her bubbe, Shanna learns, was a resistance fighter in the Warsaw ghetto, and the story the old woman will tell her will change Shanna forever. 

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A Short Story about Dorothy, a character from Roberta Kagan's novel All My Love, Detrick.

As the Nazi’s began to rise to power in Germany, Dorothy, a Jewish girl, and her family escaped to the United States.  Once they arrived, her father, who had been a successful accountant in Germany, was forced to take a job doing manual labor. Her mother had never worked, and the family could not afford to live on their own. They moved in to a very small apartment with her uncle and his family. There was no privacy, and Dorothy felt smothered.   Money was scarce, and she was having a difficult time in school, because she had not completely mastered the English language. One day Dorothy had enough. She walked out of school and took the “L” into downtown Chicago where she found a job as a singer in ten cents a dance hall.  Dorothy was a stunning woman with a voice like a songbird. So, it came as no surprise when Tony, a member of the Italian mob, set his sights on her.  

A Very Short Story

This very short story was inspired by a dream. When I first started researching Nazis I had trouble sleeping. I still do sometimes. But one night after I read an extremely horrific book about Heinrich Himmler, I went to bed.  I expected to be awakened by a terrible nightmare. But, instead I had a very vivid dream.  It began when Himmler died after biting into his cyanide capsule. He thought he was going to escape trial. He thought he would never have to face what he did. However, there is a higher court than the court in Nuremberg. A higher court indeed….

A Short Story

Loren’s grandmother is bitter due to the terrible losses she endured during the holocaust.  She is afraid of gentiles, and mistrusts anyone who is not of the Jewish faith.  So, when Loren introduces her grandmother to her finance, who is not Jewish, the old woman’s fears and beliefs about gentiles are brought to the forefront. Can the deep love she feels for Loren help her to overcome the hatred that burns in her heart?

Roberta Kagan​​