Hide Karl in plain sight.
That was the idea. It was meant to be foolproof.

Who would think of finding an Aryan-looking Jewish child in the household of a high-ranking Nazi officer?
What could possibly go wrong?

When four-year-old Karl, Kara’s son, suddenly disappears, Kara’s worst fear becomes her painful reality. Has someone seen through her cover?

An increasingly frustrating search for the missing boy ensues. Kara is succored by Oskar, an SS officer who would do anything to have Kara's love. His compassion is in stark contrast to his office's macabre nature.

As her world is turned upside down, the grim nature of the Third Reich becomes much more apparent to Kara. The rot has eaten deep into many German hearts, even that of her beloved sister Anka.

As a fog of fear and evil envelops Kara's life, the hope of a love she had always ached for stirs ever so slightly.

How far would one go to get a hold of what they so desperately want?

Will Kara see her son ever again?

Stolen Child is the second book in Roberta Kagan's totally gripping WW2 historical series: Jews, The Third Reich, and a Web of Secrets.

My beautiful boy...
Created in love… born into hatred.

There were so many terrifying stories about the Jews. People called them useless vermin, filthy, dangerous. Before I met Abram, I was afraid of them too. But I am about to tell you a very different story - a forbidden story.

My love for Abram defied all reason...as well as German law.

Tonight our son giggles with excitement as he blows out the candles on his birthday cake. But our safety is nothing but an illusion. As his candles burn out, a window shatters outside. The room shudders as the synagogue down the street is engulfed in flames.

Kristallnacht has begun.

When my hidden paradise crumbles like a stack of cards, I must do everything in my power to protect that which is most precious to me. My son's secret must remain hidden.

Before we lose everything.

If you enjoyed "The Book Thief," you will adore this heart-wrenching saga of pain, courage, and incredible resilience set in our world's darkest time.


Roberta Kagan​​

A Web of Secrets brings Roberta Kagan’s riveting historical WW2 series: Jews, The Third Reich, and a Web of Secrets to a deservedly climactic end.

As Hitler’s murderous reign inches steadily towards a disastrous end, the intricate web of secrets woven by each character begins to unravel.

Oskar, handsome but terrifying, is on the verge of madness. What torments him so?
What dark secrets are buried deep within Kara’s loving heart?
Anka’s affection for her husband Ludwig is all but gone. Will he turn to the ever-open arms of a secret life?


What about Abram? Will he find a way to keep his vow to God? Will he ever be with his family again?

Fans of The Girls in the Attic, The Tattooist of Auschwitz, and The Venice Sketchbook will be enthralled with this riveting and heartbreaking story of love, betrayal, and ultimate redemption.