And...Who Is The Real Mother?

A young Jewish child is smuggled out of the Warsaw ghetto. She is sent to live with a dear friend of her mother's, Helen Dobinski. Helen is a Catholic woman living in Warsaw, who is willing to risk the safety of her own family in order to provide a home for this precious little girl. However, no one must find out that the Dobinski family is harboring a Jewish child or they could face severe punishment, even death. Keeping such a dangerous secret is treacherous like walking a tightrope. There are spies everywhere, and it is impossible to know who can be trusted.
Just how much fear and pain will one woman endure in order to save the life of an innocent child who is not her blood? And so, we must ask the question: “Who is the real mother? Is it the mother who gave birth to the child, or the mother who risked everything to raise her?”

All My Love, Detrick

Detrick was born with every quality that would ensure his destiny as a leader of Adolph Hitler’s coveted Aryan race. But on his 7th birthday, an unexpected event changed the course of his destiny forever. As the Nazis rose to power, Detrick was swept into a life filled with secrets, enemies, betrayals, friendships, and most of all everlasting love.

Michal's Destiny

Siberia 1919.
In a Jewish settlement a young woman is about to embark upon her destiny. Her father has arranged a marriage for her and she must comply with his wishes. She has never seen her future husband and she knows nothing about him. Michal’s destiny lies in the hands of fate. On the night of her wedding she is terrified but her mother assures her that she will be alright. Her mother explains that it is her duty to be a good wife, to give her husband children and always to obey him. However, although her mother and her mother’s mother before her had lived this way, this was not to be Michal’s destiny. Terrible circumstances would force Michal to leave her home and travel to the city of Berlin during the Weimar period where she would see and experience things she could never have imagined. Having been a sheltered religious girl she found herself lost and afraid trying to survive in a world filled with contrasts. Weimar Berlin was a time in history when art and culture were exploding, but it was also a period of depravity and perversions. Fourteen tumultuous years passed before the tides began to turn for the young girl who had stood under the canopy and said “I do” to a perfect stranger. Michal was finally beginning to establish her life However, the year was 1933, and Michal was still living in Berlin. Little did she know that Adolf Hitler was about to be appointed Chancellor of Germany and that would change everything forever. 

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The Darkest Canyon

Nazi Germany.
Gretchen Schmidt has a secret life. She is in love with a married Jewish man. She is hiding him while his wife is posing as an Aryan woman.
Her best friend Hilde, who unbeknownst to Gretchen is a sociopath, is working as a guard at Ravensbruck concentration camp.
If Hilde discovers Gretchen’s secret will their friendship be strong enough to keep Gretchen safe? Or will Hilde fall under the spell of the Nazi’s and turn her in her best friend to the Gestapo?
The Darkest Canyon is terrifying ride along the edge of a canyon in the dark of night.

Watch over my Child

“Watch Over My Child” is book three in the “Michal’s Destiny” series.

After her parents are arrested by the Nazi’s, twelve-year-old Gilde Margolis is sent away from her home, her sister, and everyone she knows and loves. Alone and afraid, Gilde boards a train through the Kinder-transport bound for Britain where she will stay with strangers, in London. Over the next seven years as Gilde is coming of age, the Nazi’s will grow in power and London will be thrust into a brutal war against Hitler. Severe rationing will be imposed upon the British, while air raids will instill terror, and bombs will all but destroy the city. Against all odds, and with no knowledge of what has happened to her family in Germany, Gilde will still keep a tiny flicker of hope buried deep in her heart, that someday she will be reunited with her loved ones.

Another Generation

In the final book in the I Am Proud To Be A Jew series the children of Holocaust survivors Eidel and Dovid Levi have grown to adulthood. They each face hard trials and tribulations of their own, many of which stem from growing up as children of Holocaust survivors. Haley is a peacemaker who yearns to please even at the expense of her own happiness. Abby is an angry rebel on the road to self-destruction. And, Mark, Dovid’s only son, carries a heavy burden of guilt and secrets. He wants to please his father, but he cannot. Each of the Levi children must find a way to navigate their world while accepting that the lessons they have learned from the parents, both good and bad, have shaped them into the people they are destined to become.

The Voyage

On May 13th 1939, five strangers boarded the MS ST Louis. They were promised a future of safety away from Nazi Germany and Hitler’s third Reich. Unbeknownst to them they were about to embark upon a voyage built on secrets, lies, and treachery. Sacrifice, love, life, and death hung in the balance as each fought against fate but the voyage was just the beginning.

New Life, New Land

When Jewish Holocaust survivors Eidel and Dovid Levi arrive in the United States, they believe that their struggles are finally over. Both have suffered greatly under the Nazi reign and are ready to leave the past behind. They arrive in this new and different land filled with optimism for their future. However, acclimating into a new way of life can be challenging for immigrants. And, not only are they immigrants but they are Jewish. Although Jews are not being murdered in the United States, as they were under Hitler in Europe, the Levi’s will learn that America is not without anti-Semitism. Still, they go forth, with unfathomable courage. In New Life, New Land, this young couple will face the trials and tribulations of becoming Americans and building a home for themselves and their children that will follow them. 

A Family Shattered

“A Family Shattered” is book two in the “Michal’s Destiny” series

Taavi Margolis is arrested on Kristallnacht when he races out of his apartment to protect his daughter’s fiancée, Benny, who is being attacked and killed by a gang of Nazi thugs as they pillage and destroy the streets of a little Jewish neighborhood in Berlin. Taavi’s wife, Michal and their two daughters stare in horror through the window as Benny is savagely murdered. Then, they watch helplessly as the gang turns their attention to Taavi. They beat him with clubs until he is on his knees and bleeding on the pavement. When the police arrive, instead of arresting the perpetrators, they force Taavi into the back of a black automobile and take him away. Michal, pulls her daughters close to her. No one speaks but all three of them have the same unspoken questions. Will they ever see their beloved husband and Papa again? They realize, after tonight, the Anti-Semitism that is growing like a cancer all around them can no longer be ignored. Their future is uncertain. What will become of this family, what will become of the Jews? This is the story of the struggle of one Jewish family, to survive against the unfathomable threat of the Third Reich.  

Author of Historical Fiction and Romance

The Smallest Crack

1933 Berlin, Germany

The son of a rebbe, Eli Kaetzel, and his beautiful but timid wife, Rebecca, find themselves in danger as Hitler rises to power. Eli knows that their only chance for survival may lie in the hands of Gretchen, a spirited Aryan girl. However, the forbidden and dangerous friendship between Eli and Gretchen has been a secret until now. Because, for Eli, if it is discovered that he has been keeping company with a woman other than his wife it will bring shame to him and his family. For Gretchen her friendship with a Jew is forbidden by law and could cost her, her life. 

Novels and Short STories

Forever My Homeland

Book Five, the final Book in the All My Love, Detrick series
A group of Americans go on a tour of Israel with their Synagogue. One of them has a secret.
Meanwhile, a group of radical Islamist's plan to use the visitors to bend Israel's policy of never negotiating with terrorists in order to free members of their group who are being held in Israeli prisons..
However, the terrorists must contend with Elan Amsel a Mossad agent who's devoted his life to the preservation of his beloved Israel. Elan believes that nothing can break him, that is, until the fate of two innocent girls is thrust into his hands.
Forever, my Homeland, is the story of a country built on blood and determination. It is the tale of a strong and courageous people who don't have the luxury of backing down, They live with the constant memory of the Shoah, and a soft voice that whispers in the desert winds... "Never Again'.

Secrets Revealed

Hitler has surrendered. The Nazi flags, which once hung throughout the city, striking terror in the hearts of Polish citizens, have been torn down. It seems that Warsaw should be rejoicing in its new-found freedom. But Warsaw is not free. Instead it is occupied by the Soviet Union, held tightly in Stalin’s iron grip. Communist soldiers, in uniform, now control the city. Where once people feared the dreaded swastika, now they tremble at the sight of the hammer and sickle. It is a treacherous time. And, in the midst of all of this danger, Ela Dobinski, a girl with a secret that could change her life, is coming of age.

Another Breath, Another Sunrise

“Another Breath, Another Sunrise” is book four in the “Michal’s Destiny” series.

It’s 1945. The Nazis surrender. Hitler is dead. But, the Third Reich has already left a bloody footprint on the soul of the world.
The Margoils family and their friends Lotti and Lev Glassman were torn apart by Hitler’s hatred of the Jewish people. Now that the Reich has fallen, the survivors of the Margolis and Glassman family’s find themselves searching to reconnect with those they love.
Lotti Strombeck- Glassman, is a German woman, living in Berlin. She had been a good friend to the Margolis family. Lotti had been married to Lev, a Jewish man, who was taken away by the Gestapo and never seen again. In 1945 the curtain comes down on Hitler. But, Stalin is pushing his army towards Germany’s capital city. There is an angry mob of Russian soldiers who are on their way to punish what’s left of Hitler’s Aryan race. They will take out all of their hatred for the Third Reich on the terrified women left behind in Berlin.
Alina Margolis escapes to America with her lover at the beginning of the war. Although she has been away from Germany, her life has not been easy. Alina is strugglilng to make her way in a foreign land that doesn’t welcome Jews or Jews of German decent.
At ten years old Gilde Margolis , along with a group of other children board a train out of Germany. They are headed for Britain on the Kindertransport. Alone and frightened, Gilde must leave everyone and everything she loves behind. She is taken in by a family in London. However, London is in the throes of war. Bombs rain down on the city. Food, clothing, even bath water is rationed. As air raid sirens blare and buildings are turned to rubble, Gilde Margolis comes of age. She learns to love, to sacrifice, but most of all to survive.
This is a story of ordinary people whose lives were shattered by the terrifying ambitions of Adolf Hitler… a true madman.

A Flicker of Light

Petra grew up sheltered, working for her fathers bar in a  small seaside Norwegian town.  Until a naive love affair with a Nazi solider lands Petra captured in a home for the Lebensborn.  She must escape to save her unborn child, her perilous journey will set in motion a chain of events filled with secrets, danger, friends, and love. 

Millions Of Pebbles

Coming Soon

Benjamin Rabinowitz’s life is shattered as he watches his wife, Lila, and his son, Moishe, leave to escape the Lodz ghetto. He is conflicted because he knows this is their best chance of survival, but he asks himself, will he ever see them again?
Ilsa Guhr has a troubled childhood, but as she comes of age, she learns that her beauty and sexuality give her the power to get what she wants. But she craves an even greater power. As the Nazis take control of Germany, she sees an opportunity to gain everything she’s ever desired.

Fate will weave a web that will bring these two unlikely people into each other’s lives. 

The Heart of a Gypsy

During the Nazi occupation bands of freedom fighters roamed the forests of Eastern Europe. They hid and waged their own private war against Hitler.  Among them were groups of Romany people (gypsies). 

The Heart of a Gypsy is a spellbinding love story filled with the Romance and magic of the Gypsy culture.  It takes place in Poland during the reign of the Third Reich. It is a tale of a people who would not surrender their freedom.

Enter into a little known world where only a few have travel before… The world of the Romany.

 Roberta Kagan 

A Nazi On Trial In God's Court

This is a very short story. It is 1,235 words Himmler, Hitler's right hand man has committed suicide to escape persecution after the fall of the Third Reich. What he doesn't realize is he must now face a higher court. In this story he will meet Jesus and be tried in heaven for crimes against humanity and the final judgement may surprise you.. 

A Time Of Anarchy: Mayan's Story

The year is 1969, a turbulent time in American history. Young people are hitch hiking along legendary Route 66, little do they know that a serial killer lurks on the highway, in search of female victims. 
Lilith, a fifteen-year-old runaway, gets swept up in the hippie movement and plans to joins the migration across Route 66 to California. But before she can leave the leader of one of the most notorious motorcycle gangs in Chicago becomes fixated on her. He is a volatile man, and used to getting what he wants. His obsession with her will both terrify and excite her. However, when she finds true love, will she be able to break free and make it to California?
Written in the same vein as “Catcher in the Rye,” “Lilith Rising, 1969,” is as exhilarating as a ride on a Harley at midnight.

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You Are My Sunshine

The Second Novel in the All My Love, Detrick series

A golden child is engineered to become a perfect specimen of Hitler’s master race. But plans can change. Alliances can be broken. Love and trust can be destroyed in an instant when people are not what they seem. In a time when the dark evil forces of the third Reich hung like a black umbrella of doom over Europe a little girl will be forced into a world that is spiraling out of control A world where the very people sworn to protect her cannot be trusted.​

The Promised Land

​The Third Novel in the All My Love, Detrick series

The Holocaust robbed Zofia Weiss of all she holds dear. The Secret State Police have confiscated her home, killed her friends, and imprisoned the man she loves. After searching through displaced persons camps and finding nothing, Zofia is sure that her lover is dead. With only her life, a dream, and a terrifying secret, Zofia illegally boards The Exodus, bound for Palestine.

Along with a group of emaciated Jewish survivors, Zofia sets out to find the Promised Land. Despite the renewed sense of hope, Zofia lives in constant fear since the one person who knows her dark secret is a sadistic SS officer with the power to ruin her life and the life of an innocent, Lebensborn child.

When the Nuremburg trials convict the SS Officer of crimes against humanity, Zofia believes she is finally safe and does her best to raise the beautiful girl entrusted to her care. As the child becomes a woman in her own right, can she find true love and belonging in a post-war society, or will the secrets of her heritage tear apart the only family she’s ever known?

To Be An Israeli

The fourth book in the All My Love, Detrick  series. 

Elan Amsel understands what it means to be an Israeli. He’s sacrificed the woman he loved, his marriage, and his life for Israel. When Israel went to war and Elan was summoned in the middle of the night he did not hesitate to defend his country. Even though he knew, he would pay a terrible price for his decision. Elan is not a perfect man by any means. He can be cruel. He can be stubborn and self-righteous. But he is brave, and he loves more deeply than he will ever admit. This is his story. 
However, it is not only his story; it is also an account of the lives of the women who loved him. Katja, the girl who he cherished but could never marry, who would haunt him forever. Janice, the spoiled American that he wed to fill a void, who would keep a secret from him that would one day shatter him. And…Nina, the beautiful Mossad agent who Elan longed to protect, but knew that he could not. 
“To Be An Israeli” spans from the beginning of the Six-Day War in 1967 through 1986 when a group of American tourists are on their way to visit their Jewish homeland. 
This book is a saga of a people who to this day live under the constant threat of war and terrorism. It is the story of a nation built on the blood of her people, a people who understand that if Israel is to survive they must put Israel first. These are the Israelis.