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Author of Historical Fiction and Romance

 Roberta Kagan 

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To Be An Israeli   

The 4th Novel in the All My Love, Detrick Series

Elan Amsel understands what it means to be an Israeli. He’s sacrificed the woman he loved, his marriage, and his life for Israel. When Israel went to war and Elan was summoned in the middle of the night he did not hesitate to defend his country. Even though he knew, he would pay a terrible price for his decision. Elan is not a perfect man by any means. He can be cruel. He can be stubborn and self-righteous. But he is brave, and he loves more deeply than he will ever admit. This is his story. 
However, it is not only his story; it is also an account of the lives of the women who loved him. Katja, the girl who he cherished but could never marry, who would haunt him forever. Janice, the spoiled American that he wed to fill a void, who would keep a secret from him that would one day shatter him. And…Nina, the beautiful Mossad agent who Elan longed to protect, but knew that he could not. 
“To Be An Israeli” spans from the beginning of the Six-Day War in 1967 through 1986 when a group of American tourists are on their way to visit their Jewish homeland. 
This book is a saga of a people who to this day live under the constant threat of war and terrorism. It is the story of a nation built on the blood of her people, a people who understand that if Israel is to survive they must put Israel first. These are the Israelis. 


"I adore this author, the way she writes, the descriptive words she uses, and how somehow, she makes it so that I know each character personally, and with all of that talent, she still manages to know all of her stuff!"
"Roberta Kagan, did an outstanding job with this book!"
"I usually have a difficult time reading about the Holocaust. But this book (which had little of this in it ) was written so wonderfully the true extent of love was what shined through in each chapter. I so enjoyed this book I immediately purchased the second You are my sunshine and I excitedly await the third Promised Land. Ms Kagan paints with words and I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to enjoy her works of art."

"As a history buff I fell in love with this story! I felt I was walking with Detrick and Leah as they lived through one of the world's most difficult points in history.  Ms Kagan did a wonderful job in her research and in bringing the past alive. :)"

​"I have read many Historical romance novels and historical fiction novels however All My Love, Detrick is one of my favorite holocaust books. It has everything Romance, History, and Suspence. I loved it!" 

Best seller of Historical Fiction, Romance Novels, and Holocaust books

Coming Soon

Forever, My Homeland   

The 5th Novel and Final Novel in the All My Love, Detrick Series

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