My Books & Series

The Auschwitz Twins

The Children’s Dream (Book 1)
Mengele’s Apprentice (Book 2)
Auschwitz Twins (Book 3)

Jews, The Third Reich, and a Web of Secrets

My Son’s Secret (Book 1)
The Stolen Child (Book 2)
A Web of Secrets (Book 3)

A Jewish Family Saga

Not in America (Book 1)
They Never Saw it Coming (Book 2)
When the Dust Settled (Book 3)
The Syndrome that Saved Us (Book 4)
Luisa (The Final Novella)

A Holocaust Story Series

The Smallest Crack (Book 1)
The Darkest Canyon (Book 2)
Millions of Pebbles (Book 3)
Sarah and Solomon (Book 4)

All My Love Detrick

All My Love Detrick (Book 1)
You Are My Sunshine (Book 2)
The Promised Land (Book 3)
To Be An Israeli (Book 4)
Forever My Homeland (Book 5)

Michal’s Destiny

Michal’s Destiny (Book 1)
Family Shattered (Book 2)
Watch Over My Child (Book 3)
Another breath, Another Sunrise (Book 4)

Eidel’s Story

Who is the Real Mother? (Book 1)
Secrets Revealed (Book 2)
New Life, New Land (Book 3)
Another Generation (Book 4)

Wrath of Eden

The Wrath of Eden (Book 1)
The Angel’s Song (Book 2)


Our Last Hope
A Nazi on Trial in God’s Court
My Jewish Christmas Story
The Heart of a Gypsy
The Gypsy Witch
A Time of Anarchy