Wrath of Eden

Wrath of eden SERIES

The “Wrath of Eden” series, set in the fictional town of Mudwater Creek, West Virginia, delves into the complexities of family, self-discovery, and reconciliation. Book 1 begins in 1917, following Cyrus Hunt, the eldest son of a snake-handling preacher in the Appalachians. Feeling neglected in favor of his brother Aiden, Cyrus leaves home to fight in World War I and wander the United States during the Great Depression. His journey is marked by encounters with diverse characters, each teaching him more about himself in a narrative that explores themes of good versus evil, familial strife, and the redemptive power of love.

In Book 2, Cyrus returns to his Appalachian roots, seeking reconciliation with his past and his brother. He discovers he has a granddaughter, nearly the same age as his daughter, and the story shifts to these two girls. One radiates beauty, while the other struggles with a physical condition that impedes her self-esteem. As they mature, their relationship is strained by rivalry, dependency, and betrayals, posing the question: will they repeat their father’s mistakes or transcend their flaws to uphold the familial bond?

Throughout the series, the story artfully weaves the tapestry of human weaknesses and strengths against the backdrop of America’s early 20th-century turmoil, highlighting the enduring nature of familial bonds.