Eidel’s Story


The “Eidel’s Story” series by Roberta Kagan traces the harrowing and poignant journey of a Jewish family from the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II to their life in post-war America. Book 1, “Who Is the Real Mother,” is set in the Warsaw Ghetto, where Zofia Weiss faces the agonizing decision to send her daughter, Eidel, to live with her Polish friend Helen for safety, a sacrifice that echoes the biblical tale of King Solomon.

Book 2 shifts to post-WWII Warsaw, now under Soviet control, and follows Ela Dobinski, a young girl harboring a life-altering secret amidst the oppressive Communist regime.

In Book 3, “New Life, New Land,” Holocaust survivors Eidel and Dovid Levi emigrate to the United States, hopeful yet unprepared for the challenges of assimilation and the underlying anti-Semitism they encounter as they strive to build a new life.

The final book focuses on the Levi children, grappling with the legacy of being Holocaust survivors’ offspring. Haley, Abby, and Mark each struggle with their unique burdens and secrets, learning to navigate life influenced by their parents’ traumatic past.

The series weaves a compelling narrative of survival, identity, and the enduring impact of history on individual lives and familial relationships.