The Auschwitz Twins


“The Auschwitz Twins” series by Roberta Kagan is a harrowing portrayal of lives intertwined with the horrors of World War II and the Holocaust. In Book 1, Naomi, plagued by foreboding dreams of an impending disaster, struggles with her unhappy marriage and a clandestine affair. Her nightmares turn to reality as the Nazi threat looms over her village, bringing an ominous fate closer.

Book 2 shifts to the Aizenberg family, crammed into the Warsaw ghetto, and introduces Ernst, a doctor who becomes Dr. Mengele’s apprentice at Auschwitz, a role that challenges his morals amidst the horrors of the camp. Meanwhile, Gisele, a woman of striking beauty in Paris, fights for survival while trying to locate her father.

The final book culminates in Ernst’s moral struggle as he tries to save Shoshana, Bluma, and Perle, while Gisele contends with the manipulations of Marcel Petoit. The fates of Naomi, Herschel, and their daughters hang in the balance in this gripping conclusion set against the backdrop of Auschwitz’s atrocities.