All My Love, Detrick


Roberta Kagan’s “All My Love, Detrick” series is a compelling saga set against the backdrop of World War II and its aftermath, exploring themes of love, loyalty, and identity. Book 1 introduces Detrick Haswell, a German boy whose act of kindness forges a bond with Jacob Abendstern’s Jewish family, particularly Leah, the love of his life. Amidst Nazi tyranny, Detrick joins the Party, risking everything for his forbidden love.

Book 2, “You Are My Sunshine,” follows Manfred Blau, an artist favored by Nazi officials, who is forced into a horrific moral dilemma. Concurrently, Zofia, a Jewish woman, survives from Warsaw to Treblinka and finds a glimmer of hope in caring for Manfred’s daughter Katja.

In Book 3, Zofia, burdened with a dark secret, journeys to Palestine on The SS Exodus, haunted by a sadistic SS officer who knows her secret.

Book 4, “To Be An Israeli,” shifts to the Six-Day War, where characters like Mendel and Elan confront personal and national battles, embodying the spirit and challenges of defending Israel.

The finale, Book 5, intertwines the lives of Bari Lynn, Elan, Katja, and Gerhard Helmut, each grappling with complex legacies and choices, set against the backdrop of Israel’s ongoing struggle for peace and identity. The series masterfully weaves individual stories into the larger tapestry of historical events, highlighting the enduring impact of choices made in times of conflict.