All My Love, Detrick


10 years before Hitler’s rise to power, a 7 year old German boy makes a forbidden turn…

… where he is rescued by, Jacob, an older Jewish man.

… this turn changes his life forever.

On that day, a friendship began, but could it survive the horrors of what was to come?

As Detrick grew into manhood, Jacob became the father figure he lacked.

Detrick, now 17, and a blond haired, blue eyed, “Aryan” young man, sees Leah, Jacobs daughter, in a different light, and his world changed…

It was the worst time to fall in love.

1938- The glass shattered, synagogues were burned…

… And it was no longer safe to be a Jew.

With his friends joining the party and the laws changing daily, the rise of the Nazis can’t be stopped. They will come for the people he loves?

Everyone must obey or be crushed under the jackboots carrying out the orders of the SS.

Is the only way to protect Jacob and Leah to join the Nazi Party?

On the eve of the Nazis rise to power, will one young man choose what’s right over what’s easy?

You’ll fall in love this heart breaking story.


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