The Blood Sisters


The “Blood Sisters” series by Roberta Kagan follows the lives of three girls—Anna, Bernie, and Elica—whose childhood pact of blood sisterhood faces the ultimate test against the backdrop of Nazi Germany’s influence in Austria. In Book 1, the girls’ bond is strained by the growing anti-Jewish sentiment, highlighting their differing social backgrounds: Anna from a wealthy Jewish family, and Bernie and Elica from poorer Austrian families.

Book 2 intensifies the drama, with Elica risking everything for love in the Gestapo’s den, Anna caught between her lover Ulf’s Nazi loyalty and his desire for her, and Bernie undertaking a perilous mission to save Elica’s baby. Dagna pursues her ruthless ambition to rise within the Nazi ranks.

Book 3 culminates the saga, as Anna seeks refuge with the Romany, Elica grapples with the consequences of her choices, and Moriah struggles for survival in the Ravensbrück concentration camp. Meanwhile, in Mussolini’s Italy, Theo, Elica’s son, is raised by Mateo and Aria, with love being a dangerous commodity in the fascist regime. The series paints a vivid picture of love, betrayal, and resilience during one of history’s darkest times.