Margot’s secret

Margot’s secret series

The ongoing series chronicles the turbulent lives of two families in Germany during the rise of Nazism and World War II. In Book 1, brothers Leo and Alex are entangled in a love triangle with Adelaide, leading to Alex winning her heart. Leo secretly raises a baby girl of Jewish descent, Margot, as his own. The brothers’ conscription into the Great War and Hitler’s rise threaten their lives and reveal Margot’s dangerous heritage.

Book 2 shifts focus to Margot, now torn between Ben, a Jewish doctor, and her husband, Max. Their son Erik’s illness and the escalating anti-Semitism complicate their lives. Trudy, Margot’s sister, marries a Nazi officer and harbors feelings for Max, holding a secret that could ruin Margot.

In Book 3, Trudy’s obsession with Max intensifies. Margot, now a fugitive and grieving a lost pregnancy, seeks solace with Ben. As the war peaks, the characters face critical choices between love, loyalty, and survival, with their fates hanging in the balance amidst chaos and sacrifice.