…A Web of Secrets

Jews, The Third Reich, and a Web of Secrets

Roberta Kagan’s “Jews, The Third Reich, and a Web of Secrets” series delves into the complex and perilous lives of individuals during Hitler’s regime. In Book 1, the narrator recounts her forbidden love for Abram, a Jewish man, and the birth of their son. This idyllic life shatters during Kristallnacht, forcing her to protect her son’s secret Jewish identity amidst growing Nazi terror.

Book 2, “Stolen Child,” focuses on Kara, who hides her Aryan-looking Jewish son, Karl, in the home of a Nazi officer. The plan backfires when Karl disappears, and Kara is aided by Oskar, an SS officer in love with her. The story reveals the deep corruption and evil within the Third Reich, including within Kara’s own family.

The final book uncovers the unraveling secrets of its characters as Hitler’s rule nears its end. Oskar faces inner turmoil, Kara harbors undisclosed secrets, Anka’s marriage crumbles, and Abram strives to reunite with his family, painting a vivid picture of love, betrayal, and survival in Nazi Germany.