My Son’s Secret


My beautiful boy...
Created in love… born into hatred.

There were so many terrifying stories about the Jews. People called them useless vermin, filthy, dangerous. Before I met Abram, I was afraid of them too. But I am about to tell you a very different story - a forbidden story.

My love for Abram defied all reason...as well as German law.

Tonight our son giggles with excitement as he blows out the candles on his birthday cake. But our safety is nothing but an illusion. As his candles burn out, a window shatters outside. The room shudders as the synagogue down the street is engulfed in flames.

Kristallnacht has begun.

When my hidden paradise crumbles like a stack of cards, I must do everything in my power to protect that which is most precious to me. My son's secret must remain hidden.

Before we lose everything.

If you enjoyed "The Book Thief," you will adore this heart-wrenching saga of pain, courage, and incredible resilience set in our world's darkest time. Binge-read the whole series!


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