An Innocent Child


In the haunting backdrop of a world in turmoil, love, loyalty, and lineage converge in this gripping sequel.

As the specter of Nazism looms over Germany, Margot finds herself torn between two menBen, the Jewish doctor who sees her potential, and Max, her childhood confidant and now husband.

Their lives are further complicated by Margot's sickly son, Erik, who grapples with a life-threatening illness. Ben might have the expertise to help Erik, but the rising tide of anti-Semitism means he lacks the resources.

In a desperate bid to save his son, Max is forced to make a heart-wrenching choice that shatters bonds and creates unlikely alliances.

In this dire situation, Margot's sister, Trudy, plays a dangerous game. Married to an ambitious Nazi officer and harboring feelings for Max, she is armed with a secret that could devastate her sister's life.

One wrong move could shatter families, and betrayals could be fatal.


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