To Be An Israeli


Israel begins to thrive as a nation but has enemies on every side. And now, every Israeli must answer the call to defend their newly budding country as the Six-Day War breaks out.

When Mendel gets drafted to war, Katja, his wife, battles the fear of losing him with Zofia, her mother, by her side. Mendel fights a war on two fronts: on the battlefield against the irate Arabs and in his tormented mind.

Elan is devoted to his beloved country and when Israel calls for him, he turns his back on his terrified American wife and marches into battle.

As they each face their challenges, they know that they must make sacrifices to preserve the land of Israel and avoid a repeat of the horrors of the Holocaust. And deep within their hearts they must ask themselves, do I have what it takes to be an Israeli?

To Be An Israeli is the fourth book in Roberta Kagan's unputdownable WW2 historical fiction series, All My Love Detrick.


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