You Are My Sunshine


Young artist Manfred Blau finds favor with propaganda chief Josef Goebbels and quickly rises through the ranks in the Nazi party. But when his father-in-law is caught hiding Jews, Manfred must pay an unthinkable price to prove his loyalty to the Führer.

When the raging storm of Jewish persecution buffets Zofia from the Warsaw ghetto to the Treblinka extermination camp, the sun seems to have set on her life. However, an unexpected assignment as a housekeeper for Manfred Blau's stricken family gifts her an unlikely ray of sunshine—little Katja.

Caught between the constant threat of death and Manfred's soul-sucking depravity, Zofia must hold onto the little light she has found in Hitler's dark world to survive.

You Are My Sunshine is the second book in Roberta Kagan's heartwrenching WW2 historical fiction series, All My Love Detrick.


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