Mengele’s Apprentice

Mengele's Apprentice
Part of the The Auschwitz Twins series:

As the Nazi shadow of death falls across Europe, one man's wickedness looms out of the darkness.
Mengele, the Angel of Death.

When the Aizenberg family is forced into the crowded Warsaw ghetto, they must share a small apartment with a secular Jewish family. This living arrangement will be a test for young Shoshana Aizenberg as she enters adulthood.

Meanwhile, fast-rising doctor Ernst saves a man's life on the Russian front. For his heroism, Ernst is rewarded with the role of Dr. Mengele's apprentice at Auschwitz. It is an opportunity beyond his wildest dreams... the cost is the stuff of his worst nightmares.

Gisele's beauty shines in a life fraught with hardship and despair. She desperately hopes to find her father, but first, she'll have to survive the Nazis who have infested Paris.

Mengele's Apprentice is the second book in Roberta Kagan's heartwrenching Historical WWII series—The Auschwitz Twins.


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