The Children’s Dream


Sometimes Dreams Come True...
And so do nightmares.

As Naomi's daughter, Perle, starts having nightmares about smokestacks and doctors, Naomi is gripped by fear - the fear of a mother who realizes her daughter is in grave danger. Naomi believes dreams are glimpses of the future, and she has had dreams of foreign soldiers with a strange flag invading her tiny village. She knows in her heart that something evil is coming.

Naomi's life has been a living hell. She must navigate the treacherous path of her unhappy arranged marriage with Hershel while keeping a scandalous love affair secret. And now something is coming. Her dreams - the dreams Hershel laughs at - tell her so. And the thing that is coming will make the hell she has been living seem ordinary and almost peaceful. This thing will be the end of her, and she knows it.

As the noose constricts around her neck, Naomi's nightmares become a reality. The Nazi death machine is coming for her and her sleepy little village, and there is nothing she can do to stop it.


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