Who Is The Real Mother?


Who Is the Real Mother?

In the Bible, there is a story about King Solomon, who was said to be the wisest man of all time. The story goes like this:
Two women came to the king for advice. Both of them were claiming to be the mother of a child. The king took the child in his arms and said, “I see that both of you care for this child very much. So, rather than decide which of you is the real mother, I will cut the child in half and give each of you a half.”

One of the women agreed to the king’s decision, but the other cried out, “NO, give the child to that other woman. Don’t hurt my baby.”
“Ahh,” said the king to the second woman who refused to cut the baby. “I will give the child to you, because the real mother would sacrifice anything for her child. She would even give her baby away to another woman if it meant sparing the baby from pain.”
And so, King Solomon gave the child to his rightful mother.

The year is 1941. The place is the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland.

The ghetto is riddled with disease and starvation. Children are dying every day.

Zofia Weiss, a young mother, must find a way to save, Eidel her only child. She negotiates a deal with a man on the black market to smuggle Eidel out in the middle of the night and deliver her to Helen, a Polish woman who is a good friend of Zofia’s. It is the ultimate sacrifice because there is a good chance that Zofia will die without ever seeing her precious child again.

Helen has a life of her own, a husband and a son. She takes Eidel to live with her family even though she and those she loves will face terrible danger every day. Helen will be forced to do unimaginable things to protect all that she holds dear. And as Eidel grows up in Helen’s warm maternal embrace, Helen finds that she has come to love the little girl with all her heart.

So, when Zofia returns to claim her child, and King Solomon is not available to be consulted, it is the reader who must decide…
Who is the real mother?


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