The Wrath of Eden

The Wrath of Eden
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The Wrath Of Eden

Deep in them Appalachian hills, far from the main roads where the cityfied people come and go. lies a harsh world where a man’s character is all he can rightly claim as his own. This here is a land of deep dark coal mines where a miner ain’t certain when he ventures into the belly of the mountain whether he will ever see daylight again. From this beautiful yet dangerous country where folks is folks, and even to this very day they still tell tales of the Robin Hood like outlaw Pretty Boy Floyd even though there ain’t no such thing as a thousand dollar bill no more, comes a story as old as time itself…a tale of good and evil of right and wrong and the legend of a troubled man who walked a perilous path on his journey back to God…

The Wrath of Eden begins in 1917, in the fictious town of Mudwater Creek, West Virginia. Mudwater lies deep in mining country in the Appalachian Mountains. Here, the eldest son of a snake handling preacher, Cyrus Hunt, is emotionally broken by what he believes is his father’s favoritism towards his brother, Aiden. Cyrus is so hurt by what he believes is his father’s lack of love for him, that he runs away from home to seek his fortune. Not only will he fight in the great war, but he will return to America and then ramble around the United States for several years, right through the great depression. While on his journey Cyrus will encounter a multitude of colorful characters and from each he will learn more about himself. This is a tale of good and evil, of brother against brother, of the intricate web of family, and of love, lost and found again.


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