Not In America


"Jews drink the blood of Christian babies. They use it for their rituals. They are evil and they consort with the devil."

This heinous slander is called the "Blood Libel. And it is a slander the Jews have lived with for more than a thousand years.

Four-year-old Evelyn Wilson goes missing in a small town in upstate New York in 1928. Instantly, old prejudices claw to the surface. As a frenzy of panic and bloodlust overwhelms all reason, the community turns on the Schatzman family.

A terrible witch hunt follows.
The Schatzmans' young son is accused of horrifying crimes.

As their life in America falls apart, leaving nothing but anguish and devastation, some of the Schatzmans return home to Berlin.

But Germany in the 1930s is no safe harbor.

Based on actual events, Not in America explores hidden hatreds, simmering resentments, and the short path separating civilization from horrific violence.

Read this moving historical fiction novel of grief, bravery, and incredible resilience right now!


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